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Carpathian Foundation awarded 6 non-profit organisations from Košice and Prešov region with the overall amount of 10 100 Eur. The February call MÁME RADI VÝCHOD 2017 addressed more than 60 organsations which had applied for a grant of 2000 Eur. 6 of them will thus bring a number of new impulses, ideas and most of all a lot of moving and excercise into the life of the local communities. 

Carpathian Foundation organises Karpatskú vandrovku every year since 2010. The total number of participants so far has reached 335 people. Treckers who take either the full treck (50 km) or the half treck (25 km) contribute to the Carpathian Treck Fund in donations. These are then granted among active communities within the Easter Slovakia region.

Carpathian Track is a fundraisng hike for a better Eastern Slovakia. The track leads through the paths of Volovske mountains in Košice surroundings.  The trackers will experience a physical challenge, a team building activity and a the special feeling of giving.

List of Supported Projects 2017:

  1. CREATIVEAST, o. z. – Na starom bicykli po stopách oscarového mestečka – 2.000 EUR
  2. Človek v ohrození, n. o. – S kamerou cez hory – 2.000 EUR
  3. Maják nádeje – Tvorivé dielne pre rodiny v núdzi – 1.500 EUR
  4. OZ Medzi riekami – Spoznaj svoj región na bicykli– 1.280 EUR
  5. OZ ROKA – Neseď doma, lesopark volá! –  2.000 EUR
  6. Valalská voda –  Návrat k tradíciám – 1.320 EUR

For more information pls. contact:
Mgr. Tomáš Török
Grant Programmes Manager
Tel: 055 622 1152
e-mail:  tomas.torok@karpatskanadacia.sk

The 8th Karpatská vandrovka will take place on Saturday September 16, 2017.

Karpatská nadácia
Letná 27
040 01 Košice

Tel: 055 622 1152
Mob: 0907 027 833


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