Cross Border Cooperation

Cross border collaborations in the area of democratic principles development, economic development, cross – border and inter – ethnic collaboration on a local and regional level is the bottom line of building a stable and democratic Europe.

In the period of 1994 – 2006, the Carpathian Foundation, Slovakia was a part of this international structure managed by an international Board of Directors and, along with other four national foundations in Poland, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine, took a part in implementation of jointly coordinated activities. In 2006, the international Carpathian Foundation network loosened. While maintaining the common philosophy of development of the Carpathian region, the national foundations started to work on their own. They carry out their own programs, but continuously search for joint international project opportunities.

In October 2010, the international Carpathian Foundation Network was presented with the European Borders Dialogue Award – an award for support of cross – border cooperation and experience sharing in European neighbourhood area.

At the moment, the Carpathian Foundation implements the following cross-border projects:

Project Purpose is to mobilize young people and to support their personal development by means of helping them to launch their own volunteer-driven creative project initiatives. The Project will also support their cooperation and participation in local and regional development.

Truly Together
Support of complex rural development in Ukraine by mobilization of local cross-sector collaboration and transfer of Slovak experience.

V4 Poverty Alleviation Initiative – Looking for Local Solutions to the Global Challenge
Purpose of the project is to identify and analyze new directions of local development based on the “local resources for local needs” principle.


Engaging in the capacity of a partner:

Apart from our own cross-border projects, we regularly take a part in similar initiatives as partners. For 2015, we have partnered with the Linum Foundation in implementation of the Proud to be European Project. Within this EACEA-funded Project, an e-book on European citizenship and relations has been published.

Exchange of experience in the area of public administration reforms and building the capacity of grassroots activists and local communities in order to make them able to take a part in local development are the main goals of an international Capacity Building of Local Communities: V4 Experience for EaPC Project. The project will be implemented in late 2015- 2016. The lead partner is the Vinnytsia, Ukraine regional branch of the international NGO “Ukraine-Poland-Germany”. The project has been funded by the International Visegrad Fund.


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