The Carpathian Foundation has been here for you for over 20 years.

The Carpathian Foundation was created in 1994 by the East – West Institute with support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. The purpose of this new and unique cross – border foundation was to facilitate development of the Carpathian Euroregion.

The Carpathian Foundation was founded with a belief that support of democratic principles, economic development, cross – border and inter – ethnic collaboration on a local and regional level is the bottom line of building a stable and democratic Europe.

The Foundation launched its activities in 1995 when it awarded its first grants. Financial support was directed at development of non – governmental, non – profit organizations and local governments in the Carpathian Euroregion. Grant programs had been designed to help the Foundation to systematically facilitate development of the non – profit sector, to support collaboration between individual sectors, and, consequently, to help to improve living condition in the region.

According to its geographical coverage, the Foundation focused its attention on disadvantaged border areas of five countries: Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine and Romania. This target region had been composed of relatively poor rural and mountain areas populated by, among others, difficult and marginalized groups requiring more attention and assistance.

In the period of 1994 – 2006, the Carpathian Foundation, Slovakia was a part of this international structure managed by an international Board of Directors and, along with other four national foundations in Poland, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine, took a part in implementation of jointly coordinated activities.

In 2006, the international Carpathian Foundation network loosened. While maintaining the common philosophy of development of the Carpathian region, the national foundations are starting to work on their own. They carry out their own programs, but continuously search for joint international project opportunities. The national foundations in other countries of the Carpathian region are now strategic programmatic partners. In October 2010, the international Carpathian Foundation Network was presented with European Borders Dialogue Award – an award for support of cross – border cooperation and experience sharing in European neighbourhood area.

At present, the Carpathian Foundation, Slovakia serves mainly Eastern Slovakia: Košice and Prešov administrative regions.

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