The Carpathian Foundation helps to develop Eastern Slovakia.

Mission of the Carpathian Foundation is to support development of Eastern Slovakia and to help to alleviate poverty in the region in community – based ways. The Carpathian Foundation was founded in 1994. Since its creation, the Foundation has been providing financial support, training and advocacy for activists and non – profit organizations striving to improve living conditions in the region of Eastern Slovakia.

The Foundation is engaged into community-based poverty alleviation. In this field, it provides financial support for grassroots projects, scholarships to talented students, implements its own projects, expert events, explores and shares case studies and best practices in the area of collection, categorization and interpretation of relevant data.

When serving its community, the Carpathian Foundation nurtures principles of partnership and collaboration of different sectors of the society. Local partnerships are considered key for a sustainable development of the region. Since its creation, the Foundation has funded hundreds of projects with a total amount of over 2,1 million EUR.

Also, the Carpathian Foundation actively explores topics of corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy. Partnerships with business leaders have resulted in joint support of the Eastern Slovak communities with the added value of better understanding of the non – profit sector’s needs as well as of those of the local business community.

Vision of the Carpathian Foundation

A trustworthy partner for everyone who wishes to creatively contribute to improvements of life in the region of Eastern Slovakia.

Values of the Carpathian Foundation

  • Transparency, inclusiveness, credibility
  • Respect for cultural and ethnic diversity of Eastern Slovakia
  • Support of self – help, partnerships and collaboration of different sectors of the society
  • Raising awareness of the contribution of non – profit organizations for the overall development of the region
Karpatská nadácia
Letná 27
040 01 Košice

Tel: 055 622 1152
Mob: 0907 027 833


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