Community – based poverty alleviation in Eastern Slovakia

The Carpathian Foundation is engaged into community-based poverty alleviation topic in Eastern Slovakia, having chosen development- oriented community based approaches.

Community – based approach towards poverty alleviation encourages joint actions not only on the part of disadvantaged groups, but also engages other institutions and individuals in the community who will benefit from the solutions.

How we do this:
– we support practical development-based approaches to poverty alleviation, and help to build the local communities’ potential,
– we explore and share successful examples of community – based poverty alleviation in Slovakia and abroad,
– we build up our own expertise to be a good partner for academic as well as corporate community to bring viable solutions.

We approach poverty alleviation by working in three areas:


Working with young people to improve their chances at the job market, education and training for grassroots groups and non-profit organizations for their better sustainability.




Better management of personal and family income. Work with disadvantaged groups to improve their financial literacy.



Tomi bannery_treti_ENGAdministration of grant programs and implementation of operational projects directed at improvements of capacity and potential of people and organizations. Support for development. Sharing of best practices and development models.



In its programmatic strategy, the Carpathian Foundation focuses on the social poverty concept which does not represent only insufficient income in a form of a payment for work or of social welfare. Poverty is also vulnerability, uncertainty, lack of opportunities or lack of access to education, culture, to health care or to political power, injustice.


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