Carpathian Trek Fund

The Carpathian Trek Fund pools donations from participants of the Carpathian Trek – the annual fundraising walk of the Carpathian Foundation.

Purpose of the Carpathian Trek Fund is to support small community-driven projects which will, by means of tangible outcomes, improve lives of communities in Eastern Slovak rural as well as urban areas. The Fund supports creative, practical and cost – effective approaches which are effective, target the general public, and are implemented in Eastern Slovakia.

The raised donations are used strictly according to the donors’ wishes either to finance calls for proposals of the Fund, or to support the Foundation’s own activities which meet, in tangible ways, the Fund’s purpose. Each donor makes a decision on the use of the raised donations.

The Carpathian Trek 2015 raised 6,800 EUR.
The Call for proposals financed by donations of the Carpathian Trek 2015 was opened on Monday, February 15, 2016. The Call will support projects in a total amount of 8,000 EUR.

Purpose of the Call is to support activists and their good ideas and useful projects which will contribute, in the region of Eastern Slovakia, to improvements of the life style and sports opportunities, to social interactions and active leisure time activities, and to development of non-commercial culture.

The maximum amount per grant is 1,500 EUR. The call is open to all applicants registered as non-profit organizations according to the Slovak Law. The Call does not require financial matching on the part of the applicant.

All information on the Call can be found here (in Slovak).

Apply for a grant in Slovak at this link

More information and consultations will be provided at

Since its creation, the Carpathian Trek Fund has raised 23,290 EUR to support projects in Eastern Slovakia.

Please find all information on the Fund, list of supported projects and list of donors here.

The Carpathian Trek is a fundraising walk for brave and determined hikers with the purpose to raise donations for support of meaningful project improving life in Eastern Slovakia. The trek is 50 kilometers long, and it leads along forest trails on the mountain crest of Volovské Mountains in the well – preserved nature of beautiful Carpathian Mountains. All information on the Carpathian Trek can be found at (in Slovak only).

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