Roma Communities Development Program

The Carpathian Foundation in partnership with the Ekopolis Foundation are implementing the program:

Reducing social exclusion and dependence of Roma communities in Slovakia

The Program is building on the first stage of the program conducted by the two partner foundations in 2015 – 2016.

The aim of the 2016-2017 Program:

is to advance further in addressing the issues of deterioration of situation of Roma minority in terms of employment, education, housing, health care, administrative and other services, growing anti-Roma sentiments within the mainstream society, lack of working concepts of the Roma inclusion. The first year of the Program implementation showed the need for on-going intervention in engaging new communities, activists and experts in order to achieve long-lasting impact and sustainable solutions. The program is a direct follow up of previous intervention conducted in the selected regions of Eastern and Central Slovakia

Specific objectives of the 2016-2017 Program are:
1. to develop capacities, working skills and competencies of the Roma minority;
2. to reduce prejudices against Roma by promoting good practice and positive examples.
3. to adapt well-working models in new communities and share experience.

Modes of Intervention:
• financial support in form of Small grants to the selected communities which were able to manifest tangible outcomes of their work in the community. Support will be provided to most of the communities involved in the first year of Program;
networking and capacity building activities;
Special grants will be given to three selected organizations that have high development potential to serve as resource of know-how and mentors in identified topics of utmost importance (running social enterprises, community work in marginalized communities, agricultural activities leading to strengthening the food self-sufficiency and re-cultivation of environment) to at least three other organizations/communities from the targeted Program region.

The Program region covers three Slovak regions – two in Eastern Slovakia (Košice and Prešov) and one in Central Slovakia (Banská Bystrica).

Primary target group:  already established non-profit organizations working with Roma minority. Close cooperation with the public authorities, educational institutions, potential employers, social work offices is desired and envisaged.

13 projects will be implemented in 2016-2017 through a small grant scheme. The identified projects represent a selection of diverse approaches with a proven potential to contribute to the Program’s objectives.

Expected Outputs of the small grants:
• improved access to income or other material resources,
• increased qualification of people looking for employment,
• enhanced interethnic relations.

The Program is implemented in partnership with the Ekopolis Foundation and funded by an anonymous donor.          

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