Run With Your Heart

The Run With Your Heart Appeal gives you a chance to do two things at the same time: something feel-good and something useful. You will have a healthy jog and will also support good initiatives in Eastern Slovakia.

Both runners and no-running donors with good hearts will support a charitable appeal organized by the International Peace MarathonĽudiaĽuď and the Carpathian Foundation.

The mail goal of the program is to support activities of the selected charitable organizations and to help them raise funds.

If you run the Marathon (any of its disciplines)
and wish to connect your participation with charity, you can register and donate to one or even all three selected non-profit organisations right on your registration.

The cheritable numbers’ revenue will serve for the benefits of the three non-profit organizations:

The Children Oncology Košice associates parents of  little patients, medical staff, previous patients, students and all the other who care for the little oncological patients.
Run with Your Heart Program 2017 donations will be used to support activities of the association.  The community members make enormous effort to ease the difficult process of the disease and its accompanying symptoms. Due to lack of finances the volunteering and altruistic efforts sometime tend to result in unfavourable outcomes.

is an organization helping homeless people. Raised donations will help to finish the residence facility – garden in Bernátovce, and will make it possible to continue providing warm meals and clothing for clients all year round. It is not just a roof over their heads that these people need: they also look for a new purpose in life. In this respect, sport is a good therapy. The proof of this is the life story of the Oasis founder and a regular Peace Marathon participant, Peter Gombita, the Oáza founder, is famous for his reguler participations at IPM who has been fighting poverty in many years.  His run to Vatican last year became an inspiration to a number of people.

Atletika Košice, o.z. je združením podporujúcim rozvoj atletiky v Košiciach. Podporuje tak slovenských reprezentantov pretekajúcich v jeho farbách, ako aj v dresoch iných klubov ale hlavne mladých začínajúcich atlétov.
Zo zbierky a darov z programu Bež so srdcom zabezpečí, aby talentované deti z regiónu mohli začať s atletickou prípravou pod vedením skúsených trénerov. Deti dostanú vhodný výstroj, ktorý si v niektorých prípadoch rodičia talentovaných detí nemôžu finančne dovoliť. Ambasádormi ale i trénermi týchto detí v projekte Atletika patrí deťom sú skvelí športovci – účastníčky troch olympiád, sestry Dana a Jana Velďákové a Igor Kováč, bronzový medailista z majstrovstiev sveta v behu na 110 m prekážky.

You do not have to run the Marathon to donate:
The Run With Your Heart Appeal is open to everyone! It is entirely up to you how much you donate.
It is very simple: choose one of the three appeal beneficiaries whom you wish to help and make an online donation here. The Carpathian Foundation guarantees and monitors for you how the donation has been used (click on the one you wish to make a donation to):

Thank you!

100% of raised donations will be used for charitable and public- benefit purpose. The non-profits participating in the Appeal will receive 90 % of the donated amount. The Carpathian Foundation will use 10% of the donated amount to ensure a targeted and transparent use of the donations as well as to obtain the largest possible number of donors.

The 2017 donations: 

Oáza – nádej pre nový život (Oazis – Hope for a New Life):  1 335,- EUR

Atletika patrí deťom (Athletics for Kids):  685,- EUR

Spoločnosť detskej onkológie (Children’s Oncology Society):  3 269.- EUR

ludialudomThe Appeal is supported by
ĽudiaĽuď is the first completely open and universal giving portal facilitating donations for sick children, handicapped people and families in need, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, schools or municipalities. The recipients receive the entire amount of donated funds.


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