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There are many ways for you to support the Carpathian Foundation.

To continue to support Eastern Slovakia, the Carpathian Foundation receives funding from a variety of resources. The Foundation approaches with individuals, businesses, other foundations, support organizations and financial mechanisms.

Financial donations from businesses and individuals will be used according to an agreement of the donor and the Foundation to fund existing or new programs of the Foundation.

Charitable funds are a fine option for donors who already have a long – term community support strategy in place. Advantages of this option are a complete administration of the fund provided by the Foundation, and the fund’s and donor’s recognition opportunities.

Charitable percent of the income tax assignations of individuals and businesses are used by the Foundation to support public benefit projects in eastern Slovakia. In the case of larger assignations coming from known supporters it is possible to use these in accordance with the supporters’ wishes.

A tailor – made grant program is a convenient selection for donors who have specific ideas what and whom they want to support, still they prefer to keep the door opened to changes in their strategy in the future.

In – kind donations in a form of graphic design work or other services, legal advice or office supplies are welcomed by the Foundation as an assistance to decrease administrative costs of program activities.

In Slovakia, bequests are still quite an unusual way to donate to a good cause. The Carpathian Foundation appreciates such contributions, too.

The Carpathian Trek is an innovative and unique fundraising event. The Trek is a fundraising walk for determined hikers in beautiful Carpathian Mountains.

Donors are partners of the Carpathian Foundation. Donations made to the Foundation are used according to the donors’ wishes. The Foundation provides its donors with advisory and services such as regular communication, monitoring and evaluation of use of donations, etc.

Donor recognition is a component of every partnership. The Foundation recognizes its donors in all appropriate ways: at, in its print communications, and public events. However, the Foundation will honor a donor’s wish to stay anonymous.

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