Charitable Percent Assignations

In 2016, the Carpathian Foundation invites you to make your charitable income tax assignation to support useful programs improving life in Eastern Slovakia.

For both individuals and businesses, it is one of the ways to make sure that a part of their taxes is used for public benefit purposes in the region of Eastern Slovakia. The Carpathian Foundation uses the charitable percent of the income tax assignations to support good ideas and committed people, and to carry out its own projects of fostering a variety of skills of organizations and people in the region in order to improve their capacity to jointly solve local issues.

Information you need to assign two percent of the income tax to the Carpathian Foundation:

Name of Organization: Karpatská nadácia

Residence: Letná 27, 040 01 Košice

Legal Form of Organization: Foundation

Identification Number of Organization: 3199 5420

If you are a tax-payer in Slovakia, all information on how to assign your charitable income tax portion can be found here
(in Slovak).


The Carpathian Foundation is annually registered, as an eligible receiver of the charitable income tax assignations, by notary Mgr. Martina Sobinkovičová free of charge. We extend our gratitude to Ms. Sobinkovičová for her support.


Karpatská nadácia
Letná 27
040 01 Košice

Tel: 055 622 1152
Mob: 0907 027 833

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