Success stories

Creation of community space “prieSTOR” in Spišské Tomášovce

“The civic association VERBUM BONUM from Spišské Tomášovce has been organizing more or less traditional public events for years now. The beginnings were not idyllic, though, since even though we had volunteers brimming with good ideas and enthusiasm, we lacked suitable premises and funds for our activities. We have only gotten to a good start thanks to our cooperation with the Carpathian Foundation. A grant from the “Together for the Region” programme for our “prieSTORY” project was one of the first we got in 2015. Thanks to the support from the Carpathian Foundation we managed to transform an old unused premises into a community space and a library which now hosts various community events. Moreover, the surrounding area, which used to be rather terrifying, is now the most beautiful and flourishing place in our municipality and a place where tourists, cyclists and domestic inhabitants like to stop. Children, youths, adults and the elderly like to spend their time on the premises as well as in other places we have improved thanks to our cooperation with the Carpathian Foundation.”


We have worked thousands of volunteer hours, organized various activities, competitions, published several publications, planted hundreds of plants and made hundreds of hand-made products, gained untold experience, contacts and even got new sponsors. Our premises currently house the well-known tourist information centre for the visitors of the Slovak Paradise National Park, they are used for exhibitions of works by regional artists and craftsmen. We have started a Countryside Garden project, which is slowly growing into a unique rural educational park where children and adults alike can confront their knowledge and reality in a natural setting. OZ VERBUM BONUM now even helps other organizations, but we are very much aware that we would not be here today without the help the Carpathian Foundation provided to us when we started and in the first few years of our operations. It was thanks to them that we could turn our dreams into reality.”

Civic association VERBUM BONUM, o.z., Spišské Tomášovce, received a sum of €8,802 in 2015, 2016 and 2017, which they used for 3 projects.