Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We care about making Eastern Slovakia a prosperous place where people want to live. Therefore, we provide financial support to active people and organisations and we bring solutions that help to make the East a better place to live.

We provide financial support to active people and organisations through endowment funds and grant programmes. We promote local community initiatives, cooperation of individuals and organisations, non-formal and informal education and development of civil society.  

We explore the region, listen to its people and map its needs in order to be able to offer effective help. 

We are learning, we bring solutions and we disseminate them for the benefit of the region. We link active people and give them the chance to implement their initiatives, we mobilize those with experience who are willing to lend a helping hand, and we facilitate partnerships to maximize our help.

Since the beginning of our operations, we have created and implemented a vast variety of our own programmes and projects mainly in the following areas:

  • Non-formal and informal education with special focus on young people;
  • Building of a strong and active civil society
  • Cross-border cooperation, especially with Ukraine. 

We have formed unique partnerships with foreign organisations, learnt from them and brought innovative solutions to local problems in the region of Eastern Slovakia. Moreover, we are sharing our experience and expertise with other Slovak regions as well as with other neighbouring countries in order to strengthen the position of Eastern Slovakia and build its profile as a social innovator and leader in the field of sustainability.

Our Programmes and Projects

At the moment, we are implementing the following programmes in the field of non-formal and informal education:

In recent years, we have implemented projects aimed at youth engagement in regional development and cross-border cooperation matters. We have also focused on experience transfer to Western Ukraine in order to facilitate empowerment of local civil society there through the following projects:

Máme radi Ukrajinu – prispej na pomoc utečencom z Ukrajiny

Tvoj dar pomôže riešiť akútne potreby Ukrajincov a Ukrajiniek, ktorí utekajú pred vojnovým konfliktom. Pomôžeš zabezpečiť základné životné potreby, právnu, sociálnu a psychologickú pomoc. Umožníš, aby si našli prácu, deťom vzdelávať sa a mohli žiť čo najplnohodnotnejší život.

Prispej na našu výzvu Máme radi Ukrajinu a podpor prácu organizácií na východnom Slovensku, ktoré priamo pomáhajú ľuďom prichádzajúcim z Ukrajiny na naše územie.