Establishment of an endowment fund administered by the Carpathian Foundation

Establishment of an endowment fund administered by the Carpathian Foundation

Establishment of an endowment fund administered by the Carpathian Foundation

Create your own endowment fund for the development of Eastern Slovakia

Establishing your own endowment fund allows you to provide long-term strategic support to communities in Eastern Slovakia and contribute to the effective development of the region in the areas that you find important.

The Carpathian Foundation will take care of the administration of the fund and related grant programmes.

This form of cooperation with the Carpathian Foundation will take away the administrative burden usually associated with the provision of extensive financial support. At the same time, it will provide you with unrivalled expertise for directing your support to achieve its maximum efficiency and impact on the people living in the region.

So how does it work?

  • Any natural person or legal person – a company, non-profit organisation or any other type of institution – can establish an endowment fund to support a publicly beneficial cause in the Carpathian Foundation.
  • The fund is named by the donor and according to their wishes.
  • Donors can make a financial contribution to the fund on a regular basis, once a year or continuously throughout the year.

Based on the agreement with the donor, the Carpathian Foundation:

  • Undertakes responsibility for the fulfilment of obligations in relation to state authorities pursuant to applicable legislation;
  • Provides expert advice and consultation services to the donor in order to ensure strategic orientation of the fund;
  • Takes care of relevant administrative tasks;
  • Takes care of fund accounts and bookkeeping through special analytics and arranges for annual audits;
  • Monitors supported activities regularly;
  • Ensures regular reporting to the donor and to relevant state authorities;
  • Takes care of communication.


At the moment, the Carpathian Foundation administers endowment funds established by companies such as Magna and T-Systems Slovakia, and by Cyril Gazdarica’s family acting on the grounds of Mr. Gazdarica’s will. More information

Would you like to establish your own endowment fund?

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Tvoj dar pomôže riešiť akútne potreby Ukrajincov a Ukrajiniek, ktorí utekajú pred vojnovým konfliktom. Pomôžeš zabezpečiť základné životné potreby, právnu, sociálnu a psychologickú pomoc. Umožníš, aby si našli prácu, deťom vzdelávať sa a mohli žiť čo najplnohodnotnejší život.

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