About Us

About Us

The Carpathian Foundation is a unique regional non-profit organisation and the only foundation in Slovakia to operate mainly in Eastern Slovakia – in the Košice and Prešov regions

We are Easterners and we care about this part of Slovakia, the people who live here and the natural, cultural and historical heritage which we protect and build upon. Our mission is to lead people and organizations to accept responsibility for themselves, their communities, their region and their future.

Since its establishment in 1994, the Foundation has been providing financial support, educational and advisory services for active individuals and non-profit organizations aiming to make life in Eastern Slovakia better. Since the beginning of our existence, we have supported more than thousand projects with funds amounting to more than € 3 mil.

We are bringing innovative solutions to local needs in Eastern Slovakia so that the people here could lead full and successful lives. Moreover, we establish networks, share experience and build expertise of third sector organisations in Slovakia as well as abroad, mainly in Ukraine.

We are creating innovative ways to involve individuals and companies in the development of Eastern Slovakia and we strive to raise as much financial support as possible for local projects and active people who work to make this part of Slovakia a better place.

⋙ We are members of the prestigious International Carpathian Foundation Network and Transnational Giving Europe, a network of 20 organisations operating in 20 European countries. TGE allows individual and corporate donors based in TGE member states to support non-profit organisations in other network countries financially while enjoying local tax benefits.

⋙ Since 2016, we have also held the status of observer in the Slovak Platform for Development Organisations  Ambrela  and in 2017 we became a member of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, where we have our own representatives in the Steering Committee and also coordinate one of the working groups.

⋙ Since 2019, we have been a member of the Carpathian Civil Society Platform and Hub.

Our values include: