Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds Administered by the Carpathian Foundation

Our endowment funds offer financial support for active individuals and organisations based in Eastern Slovakia working to make this region a better place to live. Endowment funds are also an efficient instrument allowing donors to create their own special fund, administered by the Carpathian Foundation, for the long-term redistribution of their financial support.

Fond Karpatskej vandrovky (Carpathian Wander Fund)

Since 2011, the fund has been re-distributing contributions from the sponsored hike called Karpatská vandrovka (Carpathian Wander), organised annually by the Carpathian Foundation. The fund supports projects implemented by active Easterners helping to make the lifestyle in our region healthier, improve sporting opportunities, bring people together and encourage them to spend their spare time actively, and build non-commercial culture in Eastern Slovakia. Through its grant programme MÁME RADI VÝCHOD, a total of €41,720.75 has been re-distributed so far.

Nadačný fond Cyrila Gazdaricu (Cyril Gazdarica Endowment Fund)

Cyril Gazdarica Endowment Fund supports innovative schemes and programmes aiming at education, complex personal development and employability development in active young people in the regions of Eastern and Northern Slovakia. Since its establishment in 2016, more than €70,000 has been re-distributed from the fund.

Nadačný fond Magna (Magna Endowment Fund)

The endowment fund, administered by the Carpathian Foundation, was established in 2015 by Getrag Ford Transmissions as the Getrag Endowment Fund. In 2019, the fund’s name was changed to Magna Endowment Fund to reflect a company name change. Since its establishment, a total sum of €101,600 has been allocated to various projects through grant programmes called Getrag pre región (Getrag for the Region) and Getrag pre ľudí (Getrag for People). In 2018, the fund established a new programme called Magna pre región (Magna for the Region) to promote publicly beneficial activities of organisations and self-governments which bring innovative solutions to local needs, which are capable of inspiring or motivating other organizations, and which have a provable and long-term impact on communities in the Košice region.

Nadačný fond T-Systems Slovakia (T-Systems Slovakia Endowment Fund)

Nadačný fond T-Systems Slovakia (T-Systems Slovakia Endowment Fund), administered by the Carpathian Foundation, was established in 2013 by T-Systems Slovakia. Since its establishment, the fund has allocated a sum of €100,881 through the “T” for all, all for “T” programme and the šTipko scholarship programme. The fund mainly supports activities that allow T-Systems Slovakia employees to link their professional lives with their leisure activities and their community development efforts.

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