Awareness-raising activities

Awareness-raising activities
People born into generational poverty have limited prospects for a successful and fulfilling life because a poor and unmotivating environment negatively impacts their childhood and later adulthood. In impoverished settings, the priority is to address the lack of food, drinking water, heating wood, or clothing. In these conditions, it is difficult to think about education, play, or personal development. If we lack the necessary stimuli in childhood, education, or support for our development, our chances of success in life are much smaller.

No one is to blame for being born into a poor environment. Even if someone puts in significant effort to break free from it, without external help, it is very challenging and sometimes impossible. The destinies of people in need affect the whole society because a society is as strong as its weakest link. It is up to us whether we want our society to consist of as many strong individuals as possible or individuals dependent on the social system.

To achieve this, it is important for everyone to understand how generational poverty affects people’s opportunities and lives, and that targeted and quality support and education can change the situation.

That is why we conduct various awareness-raising activities:

Women`s World events 🠋

Living Books in High Schools events 🠋

Through lectures, personal conversations, and interactive games, high school students learn about the challenges, problems, and successes of people from poor Roma communities. Through direct conversations, they can empathize with their situation and start seeing it differently.

Interview with Bernadeta Kurešová, fundraiser and project manager of the Childhood to Children civic association, which we have been supporting for a long time 🠋

Interview with Štefan Náther, White Crow award winner and founder of the Hope for Children civic association in Banská Bystrica 🠋

Video answering questions: Are investments at an early age really important? What constitutes quality early care, and how does early care affect brain development? 🠋

A short film about Roma people and Roma communities (2018) trying to improve their situation 🠋

Work with employers

The challenges faced by people living in generational poverty do not only concern their personal lives. They are also affected by various poorly designed systemic processes from the state or employers. This is why we have long been setting up collaborations and communication with municipalities and employers. In this context, we have organized conferences with experts and an event called Round Table 🠋