Transnational donations (TGE)

Transnational donations (TGE)

Do you have or are you trying to find donors residing in another European country? Inspire them to support your organisation while benefiting from the tax advantages provided for in the legislation of their country of residence.

Use the chance provided by Transnational Giving Europe (TGE).

Donors residing in these 19 European countries can make donation to your organisation in Slovakia while benefiting from the tax advantages provided for in the legislation of their country of residence.

TGE is a partnership of leading European foundations and associations that facilitates tax-efficient cross-border giving within Europe to natural and legal persons alike. TGE currently allows for donations to be made to and from another country while benefitting from the tax advantages in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain.

Learn about tax advantages in TGE countries 

Slovak tax legislation does not give donors any tax advantages. However, as a non-profit subject based in the Slovak Republic you can benefit from tax advantages available for donors in other countries thanks to TGE.

Since 2017, donations through TGE network reached 70 mil €. In 2017 the total amount donated was 10.6 mil €, which is 65% more than the year before. 4,844 donors used TGE network – 91.5% were individual donors and 8.5% were corporate donors. The highest number of donations came from Germany, Belgium and France. Slovak organisations received donations in the value of 10,526.32 €. Find out which topics got highest support and read more information in TGE Annual report 2017.

How does it work?

  • An organisation receiving financial donation from abroad contacts the TGE partner in their country – in Slovakia, it is the Carpathian Foundation, at
  • The organisation fills in the TGE Grant Eligibility Application Form (GEAF) and sends it back to the TGE national partner for approval together with some other documents.
  • The local TGE partner checks eligibility of the organisation to receive a donation from abroad.  Once a beneficiary is declared eligible, they will receive the practical details on how donors can make their donations in their country of residence.
  • Donors will then be able to make a donation by sending it to the TGE partner in their country.
  • This partner will transfer the money to the beneficiary abroad and provide the donor with a fiscal receipt deductible for national tax purpose.
  • For each donation, TGE retains 5% as a contribution to the TGE partner organisations and the network that facilitate the donation.

What type of donors can use the TGE network?

  • Natural persons – e.g. Slovaks living in other European countries who wish to donate to Slovak non-profit organisations;
  • Legal persons residing in one of the TGE countries that wish to make a donation to an organisation in another TGE country;
  • Multinational corporations with registered address in another country.

Both the donor and the beneficiary have to reside in one of the TGE countries.

TGE service benefits

  • Reliable network;
  • Quality review of beneficiaries;
  • Tax effective cross-border giving;
  • Flexible and effective global giving management;
  • Simple and standard procedure;
  • Europe-wide opportunities to mobilise resources;
  • Expertise in national tax laws;
  • Administrative tasks taken care of for you at the pre-set fee.

You can find out more about Transnational Giving Europe at

Would you like to learn more or use the TGE network?