Truly Together 4.0 (During the War)

Truly Together 4.0 (During the War)

The war in Ukraine is causing great suffering, and millions of people have had to leave their homes. Many have fled abroad, but there are also those who couldn’t afford it and remain in the western regions of Ukraine. In this period, mutual help and support are more important than ever. The Truly Together programme is an initiative that unites the efforts of three sister Carpathian Foundations – in Slovakia, Hungary, and Ukraine. The fourth year of the programme builds on the previous ones and aims to strengthen and support non-governmental non-profit organizations in Ukraine that are on the front line of helping people affected by the war. It is important that they can provide effective help and become long-term sustainable centers capable of aiding even after the war ends, when the country’s rebuilding process begins.

The Truly Together programme offers immediate assistance through grant support to 10 selected non-governmental non-profit organizations in Ukraine that provide humanitarian and other aid to internally displaced people, create community programmes (workshops, educational events, activities) for children, adults, seniors, and people with disabilities and social disadvantages. The financial support from the grant will cover the most urgent needs of local people and also help stabilize the selected organizations that acutely need it to maintain and enhance the quality of their work.

The mentioned organizations will also receive long-term support through expert training and mentoring. The training will focus on strategic management, organizational resilience, fundraising at national and international levels, development of digital skills, volunteer management, as well as protection of children's rights and vulnerable groups.

Each supported organization from Ukraine will be connected with an experienced organization from Slovakia or Hungary that engages in similar activities or topics. These will act as mentors for nine months, sharing their experiences and skills. This will help the mentored organizations from Ukraine progress, increase their expertise, build capacity, and set strategic plans for their own development. Representatives of these non-governmental non-profit organizations from Ukraine will also undertake a study trip to Slovakia and Hungary to meet successful organizations, learn more about what helps them in their development, and gain valuable contacts.

Truly Together is not just a programme. It is a symbol of solidarity, fellowship, and the key role of civil society and non-governmental non-profit organizations, which become even more important for the entire society during times of war. Strong organizations that know their direction, evolve with the changing world, and can develop their work sustainably over the long term, can provide the highest quality help to the greatest number of people in need.

The Truly Together programme is implemented by the Carpathian Foundation in cooperation with the Carpathian Foundation Hungary and the Carpathian Foundation Ukraine, thanks to the financial support of the Fondation de France from January 2024 to June 2025.