For Companies

For Companies

Become our partner in making Eastern Slovakia a better place to live

Thank you for thinking about helping us in our efforts to improve conditions in the region of Eastern Slovakia.

There are many ways to take part:

  • Work with the Carpathian Foundation to create your own endowment fund for the development of Eastern Slovakia in the areas that you find important. Use grant programmes to provide long-term strategic support to your community.
  • Get your employees involved in public projects that seek to improve life and conditions in Eastern Slovakia and promote their relationship with the region they live in.
  • Support us by
  • Become a partner in our unique sponsored hike Karpatská vandrovka (Carpathian Wander) and give your employees the chance to enjoy an unforgettable team adventure, support the development of our region and increase the visibility of your company;
  • Help us get more supporters among your partners, clients or employees;
  • Become a unique partner in our foundation – we will be happy to listen to your ideas and prepare a tailor-made offer for you to contribute to the development of Eastern Slovakia as efficiently as possible.

The only way we can make Eastern Slovakia a better place for all is if we work together. We all need to join forces to make this region a place where everyone can realize their potential and live their life to the fullest, where innovations and new possibilities are abundant and where people help each other and shape their future together – a place where people want to live. 

Companies who have joined us to make life in Eastern Slovakia better