Veronika Miškech Fričová

Veronika Miškech Fričová

Veronika has 16 years of experience in various roles in the non-profit and private sectors in the UK, India, and Slovakia. She has worked mainly in marketing, fundraising, and program development. Veronika has rich experience working in intercultural environments, managing teams and diverse projects.

Veronika obtained BA Hons. degree in Marketing at the University of Greenwich in London and MSc. in International Development and Social Anthropology at the Birkbeck College, University of London.. She started her professional career at the start-up and later led marketing for Pira International in the UK.

Later she worked for the British charity organization Macmillan Cancer Support, the international organization Voluntary Services Overseas in the UK, and for the Azad Foundation in India.

In 2016, she moved back to her hometown Košice, Slovakia. For two years, she led the activities of the British Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia for the eastern region of the country. In 2018, she started collaborating with the Carpathian Foundation and in recent years has been leading the strategy and team of the Carpathian Foundation. She is also a member of the Internal Quality Assurance Board of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice.

Veronika also practices and teaches yoga. She has a son named Mateo, who is one of her most significant teachers 🙂 She enjoys traveling, reading, dancing, snowboarding, and running.