What role do good, humor, and friendships play in war? Watch our new short documentary Good Knows No Boundaries

Why are foreign volunteers considered “silly”? What helps people stay calm even when war rages around them? And is good confined by borders? These questions are answered in the short documentary Good Knows No Boundaries, filmed during a humanitarian trip to Ukraine.

The Carpathian Foundation, the civic association Podaj ďalej Prešov, and the organization Minoritas organize humanitarian aid to Ukraine every week. They succeed only thanks to donors and dedicated volunteers. Volunteers who get up early in the morning to load vans, travel to Ukraine, and deliver the necessary aid to people suffering immensely due to the war.

These volunteers often travel to dangerous zones, risking their own lives. That’s why Ukrainian volunteers jokingly say that foreign volunteers are “silly”. After all, they could stay home, safe, and not risk their lives for complete strangers.

So why do they do it?

Because good knows no borders. Neither state nor human. It is not limited by lines on a map or a comfort zone.

Because good is an addiction. Once you start doing it, there’s no going back. Good fills you up, gives you indescribable chills, and adds a new dimension to your life.

The short documentary Good Knows No Boundaries shows the role that friendships, humour, hope and volunteers play in war.

The documentary was filmed on one of our humanitarian routes in March 2023. We would like to thank all those whose good has no boundaries.

The creation of this video is funded by C. S. Mott Foundation as part of the Global Challenges Local Solutions programme implemented by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland.