Evaluation of Applications for a Language Scholarship from the Carpathian Foundation

The Carpathian Foundation Scholarship Program provided financial support for the study of English for students under the age of 30. The scholarship in 2019 was financially supported by Palo Richvalský – an artist, teacher, salesman and one of the first scholarship holders of the Carpathian Foundation. He founded this scholarship with the money he was saving for vacation. You can read his incredible story here.

We registered a total of 24 scholarship applications and subsequently, the evaluation committee selected 3 successful applicants.

The first of them is Michaela (27 years old) – a mother and breadwinner from Košice and her daughter who has just started attending kindergarten. She wants to use the scholarship (EUR 400) for a language course, which will help her to get a stable job in an IT company and thus create convenient environment for her and her daughter´s future.

The second scholarship holder is Monika (18 years old) from Košice. She is a student of the 4th year of grammar school, which has had serious hearing problems since her childhood (she is almost deaf). Despite her handicap, she really likes English, but the biggest trouble for her is conversation. The scholarship (EUR 500) will be used for individual English conversation lessons with an experienced teacher who knows how to communicate with a person who has hearing problems.

The third scholarship holder is Michal (30 years old) from Snina. He is a father of three children and a breadwinner. Since graduating from university, he has been involved in the non-profit sector in the field of education of students at secondary schools. He will use his scholarship (EUR 200) for a two-week language course abroad. Thanks to this scholarship, he will improve his English to be able to develop partnerships with foreign organizations dedicated to the education of students. This way, he can bring to Slovakia something that works successfully abroad.

We wish the scholarship holders a lot of success.