36 ooo Euro – for People and for Region

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The second round of the Grant Program Getrag for People and Getrag for Region divided  36 600 Euro and supported 14 ideas how to enhance  and improve life in the region of Eastern Slovakia.  The Program is administered by Carpathian Foundation and is financed through asignation of 2% of the corporate tax of  GETRAG FORD Transmissions Slovakia, Ltd..

The Getrag Programs will support 14 project ideas of local governments or non-profit organisations which do mind the quality of the environment they work and live in.  The employees of GETRAG FORD Transmissions Slovakia, Ltd. do care as well as they get involved in implementation os a number of supported projects.

List of 2017 Supported Project – Getrag for People

List of  2017 Supported Projects – Getrag for Region

Getrag Fund has so far supported 29 project ideas  of non-profit organisations, local governments in Košice and Prešov regions with the overall sum of 86 600 Euro.

10 Years – Almost 100 Supported Projects

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The meaningful cooperation of Carpathian Foundation and the major employer in the region of Esatern Slovakia has been going on for 10 years.

The 10th round of the Grant Program of the U. S. Steel Košice, ltd.  Togehter for the Region  administreterd by the Carpathian Foundation welcomed the new memebrs of the big family. 6 non-profit organisations and local govrenments were awarded symbolic checks by the president of the corporation  Scott Buckiso and director of Carpathian Foundation Laura Dittel.

The grant program Togehter for the Region 2017 supported 6 projects with the overall amount of : 13 904,98 Euro.

List of 2017 Supported Projects



ITrampoline for ALL – IT4ALL

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Duration: October 3, 2016 – August 2, 2018


Project Goal is to foster employability and inclusion of people with fewer opportunities (physically disabled and socially disadvantaged) and facilitate their transition to the labour market through an inclusive and diversity sensitive Career Development Model that will be developed in a public-private partnership and fueled by international exchange of experience.

Project Output: Career Development Model containing of 2 levels:

  • VPACVocational Potential Assessment Center
  • EDCElevator Development Center

Project Partners:

Carpathian Foundation, (CF), SK,  www.karpatskanadacia.sk
T-Systems Slovakia, SK,  www.t-systems.sk
ZOM Prešov, SK , www.zompresov.sk
Christliches Jugenddorfwerk Deutschlands Gemeinnutziger EV (CJD), DE,  www.cjd.de
IT Services Hungary, (IT SH), H, www.it-services.hu

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10 Projects Spported by “T” for All, All for “T” Grant Program

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The 4th year of the grant program run by the Carpathian Foundation and T – Systems Slovakia  „T“ for all, all for „T“ supported 10 projects from Košice and Prešov regions in the total amount of  24 000 EUR.

Nonprofits and civic associations will use them for implementation of their ideas in order to improve quality of environment, free time activities, physical activities,  sports and awarenness raising of the citizens. The program will also support volunteer engagement of the corporation’s employees.

List of TFAAFT_2017 Supported  Projects

The 2016 Call for Projects accepted 35 project applications with the total requested sum of  97 315 EUR.

For further information please contact:

Mgr. Tomáš Török

Grant Programs Manager

Tel: +421 (055) 622 152


Grant Program Together for the Region Launches Its 10th Round!

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13 500 Euro is waiting for unique community projects  of the non-profit organisations and local governments from the Prešov and Košice regions.

The grants are avialable to non-profit organisations and local governments in the Košice and Prešov Self-governing Regions with actively engaged employees of US Steel Košice or US Steel Košice daughter companies.
Grants with the max. budget 2 500 eur  will support inovative projects in safety awareness rising in all spheres of life, meaningful free time activities for kids and youth as well as environmental and educational activities.

Together for the Region Program is funded by U. S. Steel Košice, s. r. o. and administered by the Carpathian Foundation.

Deadline for the grant applications is January 16,  2017.

The Call for proposals is available here.





For details and questions please contact Grant Programs Manager Tomáš Török:

+ 421(55)6221152



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