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Closed grants

„T“ for all, all for „T“

The “T” for all, all for “T” programme offers support to local groups and organizations from Eastern Slovakia in which T-Systems Slovakia employees are actively involved. The condition applies, however, that these employees have to have been working for the company full time for a minimum of 6 months and that they have been actively involved in the applicant’s (organisation applying for the grant) activities for at least 12 months already.
Open date: September 2019

Tu žijeme a pomáhame

Tu žijeme a pomáhame (We Live and Help Here) is a joint grant programme of the Carpathian Foundation and Lear Corporation Seating Slovakia, s. r. o. The programme supports community initiatives in the areas of education, environmental protection, health promotion, sports and cultural events and volunteering, with the main focus on working with children and youths. Eligible applicants include non-profit organizations from the Prešov Self-governing Region and the Košice Self-governing Region.
Close date: 10th of February 2019

Program rozvoja rómskych komunít (Roma Communities Developemnt Programme)

Since 2015, we have been implementing the Program rozvoja rómskych komunít (Roma Communities Development Programme) in cooperation with the Ekopolis Foundation in the Košice, Prešov and Banská Bystrica regions. The programme aims to promote activities in the field of early child and family care and to improve the situation of Roma in selected communities by facilitating their access to the labour market and fulfilment of their basic needs such as housing or education. It also helps to overcome prejudice and social exclusion of the poor. The programme has been operating for three years and the activities supported in the current, third round, will be completed in January 2019.
Open date: The Programme is implemented through closed calls.

Spoločne pre región

The programme is open for projects aimed at safety, children’s development and the environment. Projects should be prepared by local groups working in wider local partnerships in communities in Eastern Slovakia. Involvement of employees of USSK or its filial companies in the projects is compulsory, as it is assumed it can lead to their wider engagement in self-help activities as well as strengthen their links with their community and region.
Open date: Autumn 2019

Magna pre región

The motto of Magna pre región (Magna for the Region) programme is “Taking care of oneself is not selfish, it is responsible.” The programme will redistribute €45,000 for innovative projects implemented by non-governmental organizations and active self-governmental authorities. Projects in one of the pre-defined areas offering innovative solutions to local needs, which are capable of inspiring or motivating other organizations and communities in the region will be supported in the scope of the programme.
Close date: 20 January 2019

Active Citizens Fund Slovakia

Active Citizens Fund (ACF) – Slovakia is a grant programme aimed at strengthening civil society, promoting active citizenship and empowering vulnerable groups in Slovakia. The programme is implemented jointly by the Carpathian Foundation, Ekopolis Foundation and the Open Society Foundation. ACF is part of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway’s financial assistance to 15 Member States of the European Union.
Close date: 22 January 2019