Let’s Wake Up the East — Get Support for Your Idea and Wake Up Your Municipality!

The Carpathian Foundation opens the first call of the ‘Let’s Wake Up the East’ programme, which aims to support active individuals from Eastern Slovakia and awaken the dormant valleys — peripheral and rural parts of the region with low civic engagement participation.

Objectives of the programme ‘Let’s Wake Up the East’:

  • help the dormant valleys (what are the dormant valleys?map);
  • support active people — individuals who want to solve local problems and provide them with support and finance for their plan;
  • motivate the active involvement of the community in solving the problem;
  • achieve results that bring long-term benefits and visible change.

Who are we looking for?

Local enthusiasts who:

  • have an idea of how to help their community, the desire to change things, and the energy to work;
  • are older than 18 years;
  • they are not representatives of elected political office;
  • live (permanent or temporary residence) in a dormant valley;

What do we offer?

1) We will help you to make a quality project from your idea (1-day workshop)
2) You will get top mentors from successful entrepreneurs and activists who will help you with your idea
3) You will receive a personal grant (up to EUR 2.500) to implement your project


Just have a simple application by April 17th, 2020

You can find all the detailed information about the current Call here. 


If you are interested in the consultation, we are at your disposal until April 10th, 2020, on working days from 8:00 to 16:00 at tomas.torok@karpatskanadacia.sk or on +421907 027 833.

What are dormant valleys?

Peripheral and rural parts of the Eastern Slovak region are passive and have very low civic engagement participation. These areas offer few opportunities for their citizens to engage in public affairs, business activities, or active recreation. The Carpathian Foundation intends to focus on these areas under this call. The municipality/community in eastern Slovakia, which is at least 15 km from the nearest district town, has a maximum of 1500 inhabitants and represents a white place on the map of the support of the Carpathian Foundation for the last three years (see map). List of municipalities that do not meet the criteria.