The “Chance” project is coming to an end, but the work on improving the quality of early childhood care continues

Since January 2020, two foundation: Kárpátok Alapítvány – Magyarország Foundation, as a lead partner together with the Carpathian Foundation in Slovakia, have been implementing the project “Chance for Children from Disadvantaged Background”.

The project, which ends in January 2021, has brought a number of new inspirations and improved early care services in both Slovakia and Hungary, thanks to the efforts of both foundations.

The main outputs of the project are:

Study “No child left behind”, which maps and analyses the current situation in the field of services and programs to support early childhood development (ECD) and early childhood education and care (ECEC) available in both countries. 

A collection of best practices “Unseen children”, which presents the best approaches to early childhood care from the state and non-profit sector in the Košice region.

Expert articles on the topic of early childhood care and related topics, which were prepared by various experts from both countries and are published on portal

Video on how important early childhood care is and how toxic stress affects the child’s development

Connection and knowledge sharing of experts from both countries and the state administration at a virtual round table in order to support quality early childhood care for all children.

Improved skills of field social workers who work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds through workshops in both countries.

Last but not least, toys and art aids were purchased within the project, which pleased 100 children from Luník IX, Veľká Ida, Boliarov, Rankovce, Vtáčkovce and Bačkovík. We were also most pleased with their joy.

We believe that this project has also contributed to the further spread of the idea that quality early childhood care is fundamental to the success of any society and that quality also means that it is accessible to all children equally without difference.

This article was created within the project:  “Chance for Children from Disadvantaged Background”