We Know the Most Innovative Schools and Teachers in Eastern Slovakia

Yesterday, February 12, was a special day for teachers and schools that received a grant in the “Teacher of the Future” and “School of the Future” programs. In cooperation with T-Systems Slovakia, we have opened these 2 programs to provide active teachers and schools with the opportunity to implement projects focusing on an innovative and non-traditional approach to teaching.
14 teachers sent their projects to the Teacher of the Future program, and the expert commission selected 9 successful projects from them.   52 schools / non-profit organizations sent their projects to the School of the Future program and 8 primary schools and 3 non-profit organizations received the grant.   Juraj Girman, Vice President of T-Systems Slovakia, and Laura Dittel, Director of the Carpathian Foundation, handed over symbolic amount of money.   We are already looking forward to great projects, and we wish a lot of strength to the ones who were supported by grants. We are convinced that they will be a benefit and inspiration for their surroundings.  
Supported projects under the “Teacher of the Future” program:
  Project title: Creative film Name of the applicant: Jana Gerčáková Grant amount: EUR 1 000 The aim of the project: to make and then further distribute a short educational film about excessive use of the Internet. Students in a musical-dramatic circle will make a movie, which will be used in ethical or civic education or various lectures.   Project title: Learning does not hurt Name of the applicant: Katarína Hvizdová Grant amount: EUR 1 000 The aim of the project: to remove the classic textbook system of acquiring knowledge from English language teaching, to arouse students’ joy of learning, to remove fear, to activate critical thinking, and to transfer the responsibility of the focus of work to the student. The grantmaker will create an interactive board game through which students will perform tasks, connect it with CLILOM, and experience real situations to communicate in a foreign language in everyday life without hindrance and a feeling of failure.   Project title: We are little discoverers Name of the applicant: Katarína Jurašeková Grant amount: EUR 350 Aim of the project: to focus on learning about various non-traditional art techniques and thus support students’ interest in art, improve their work and cooperative skills. The project’s theme is sailing by sea, discovering and saving islands, where they spontaneously learn to use non-traditional aids and materials. In addition, the project aims to increase sensory and intellectual skills, develop imagination and creativity. Project title: The mathematics we enjoy Name of the applicant: Monika Jurašeková Grant amount: EUR 500 Aim of the project: to use various procedures, aids, and activities of an innovative and constructivist method of teaching mathematics – the HEJNE’S METHOD (HM). Hejne’s method focuses on educating decent people and making students discover mathematics on their own and with joy. This project aims to start introducing the HEJNE’S METHOD into the teaching of mathematics in schools.   Project title: Playful technique in Dobrá škola Košice Name of the applicant: Martina Matiová Grant amount: EUR 990.75 Aim of the project: to test the prepared methodology of technical education for the youngest children in Dobrá škola. The project’s output will be the evaluation of the first year, modification of the plan for future freshmen, and the superstructure plan for seniors.   Project title: Elders to youngsters and youngsters to elders Name of the applicant: Natália Rimáková Grant amount: EUR 972.49 Aim of the project: to show students that a book is a “reward” to find answers to their unanswered questions. The secondary goal is to teach students to cooperate and share the responsibility to achieve the set goal. Through the project, students will learn to present their attitudes and opinions as well as their findings to others. In addition, the project will encourage students to read the books presented not only in their native language but also in a foreign language.   Project title: Interactive educational program “Mr. Different” Name of the applicant: Zuzana Sotáková Grant amount: EUR 902 Aim of the project: to point out the diversity and the need for integration through an experiential educational program. The project aims to develop children’s actual values ​​and strengthen tolerance for difference. Joint activities and games will contribute to the mutual knowledge of children, strengthen positive relationships, develop children’s friendships and personal contact. The creation of a methodology is intended to help teachers address these topics in a non-traditional way.   Project title: Increasing students’ interest in teaching physics by applying didactic games Name of the applicant: Tomáš Suslo Grant amount: EUR 787.76 The aim of the project: to modernize and make the teaching of physics in the last year of elementary school more attractive by applying didactic games. The implementation of the plan is conditioned by the existence of such didactic games, which will follow the educational standard and, at the same time, will be an interesting motivating factor for students in teaching. Furthermore, by applying the proposed games in teaching, it is expected that students will change their attitude to physics, which will increase students’ interest in the subject and motivate the students more.   Project title: Who am I and where do I come from? Name of the applicant: Renáta Pástorová Szappanosová Grant amount: EUR 497 The aim of the project: to build a strong relationship with your birthplace, get to know it, “discover” your identity. Through a series of trips, students will get to know exciting places in the region and personalities that were key to its development in the past. Through them, their critical thinking and ability to express themselves will be developed.  
Supported projects under the “School of the Future” program:
Project title: Online thinking Implementer: Expression o.z. Grant amount: EUR 2 396 Aim of the project: to focus on increasing competencies in the field of media and computer literacy and critical thinking in elementary school students. Through non-formal and experiential learning, students will be able to realize the dangers of the online and media world and its positive use. To support these activities, videos will be created for students and teachers.   Project title: School of Life Implementer: Občianske združenie „Náš svet“ Grant amount: EUR 2 807 Aim of the project: to contribute to the improvement of education of secondary school students in Vranov nad Topľou by applying activating and innovative teaching methods and procedures and thus to contribute to the overall readiness of students for practical life, future professional orientation, and choice of profession, as well as employment. The secondary goal is to improve environmental literacy and increase environmental awareness among students.   Project title: Let’s learn on the move at the Good School in Košice Implementer: OZ Škola po novom Grant amount: EUR 1 180 Aim of the project: to achieve the maximum possible level of children’s activity during teaching without disturbing the surroundings or teaching. Purchased equipment, such as The BOSA balance pad, VAWA balance board, and others, will make it possible to incorporate movement into teaching practically at any time and in a meaningful way, also with the benefit of developing mutual respect and respect for the rules. Moreover, the activity is simple, easy to repeat, and feasible elsewhere.   Project title: Experience, Try, Pass on Implementer: Súkromná základná škola, Kechnec 13 Grant amount: EUR 2 220 The aim of the project: to create educational materials for physics, chemistry, and geography lessons and to move them further to younger classmates within the framework of peer learning. This effective form of education will replace the absence of vocational classrooms at the school. Thanks to experiential learning, they will get educational materials – a sightseeing trip to the Atlantis centers, Kremnica Mint, mines, and Somoška.   Project title: We live with you Implementer: Súkromná spojená škola Grant amount: EUR 2 139 Aim of the project: to create a common room for practicing social and communication skills through innovative methods of video modeling and experience diaries. It will be possible to train abilities and skills in the deficit areas of pupils with autism. The secondary goal is to socialize students from special schools through a school ball.   Project title: Communication – a cure for autism Implementer: Súkromná základná škola pre žiakov s autizmom Grant amount: EUR 2 157 Aim of the project: to develop communication skills through the use of ICT. From the most straightforward use of a computer program to express their physiological needs in low-functioning children with autism to the development of vocabulary, interconnection of information, building a virtual communication channel to solving complex and content-attractive problems in children with Asperger’s syndrome.   Project title: Future class Implementer: Základná škola Pavla Horova Grant amount: EUR 3 000 Aim of the project: to create a system of education based on the international project ITEC. Build another Future Class and complement existing equipment. Parents, teachers, and students will be involved in the project activities through volunteering. First, students will create 3D designs, present them, and then implement the resulting design. The result of the project will be an ultra-modern classroom, inspired by class models which are built across the EU thanks to the ITEC project.   Project name: LEGO ORO MOVES (LOM) Implementer: Základná škola (Ždaňa) Grant amount: EUR 2 296 Aim of the project: to teach students to create animated films and create a database of student animated films. The films’ themes will focus on personality traits (responsibility, honesty, humanity, etc.). In addition, organize the LOM mini-festival for the public with the help of the student council. Another activity will be to organize motivational discussions (invite, for example, Bekima) and positively influence the emotional perception of students. These activities aim to strengthen the teacher-student relationship and improve the school climate.   Project title: Communication yesterday, today, and tomorrow Implementer: Základná škola (Seňa) Grant amount: EUR 2 930 Aim of the project: to form communication skills, interpersonal relationships, empathy, prosociality in students through activities and to teach them to work as a team and responsibly. Motivate students not to be afraid to express their opinion and present their ideas. Verify their communication skills in practical tasks. In addition, students will gain skills in telling, recording, editing, and sharing online stories during the project.   Project title: MY FRIEND EDISON Implementer: Základná škola sv. Cyrila a Metoda Grant amount: EUR 1 265 Aim of the project: to make IT lessons more attractive by expanding teaching aids with another 10 Edison robots and 20 EdCreate creative packages. The aim is to offer students a new dimension of programming and give them the opportunity for concrete, practical activities in the field of ICT, and prepare them as best they can for their possible future professions.   Project title: It was a long, long time ago Implementer: Základná škola s materskou školou Grant amount: EUR 2 610 The aim of the project: to get to know, by experiential form, the oldest periods in the history of mankind from prehistory to the early Middle Ages and thus to achieve qualitative changes in the educational process. During the project, innovative elements will be applied to the educational process, positively influencing students’ personalities and shaping their relationship to history and work.