Program konferencie [ENG]

Program konferencie [ENG]
program konferencie ENG

December 4, 2023

09:00 – 09:30 ⋙ Registration of participants


09:30 – 10:15 ⋙ Opening session – Plenary

Moderators: Stanislav Daniel (Porticus) and Michaela Bauer (UNICEF Slovakia RRO)

Place: Conference Hall A

Tomáš Drucker, Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic (TBC)
Regina De Dominicis, Regional Director UNICEF ECARO
Laura Dittel, Director, Carpathian Foundation

Vladimír Šucha, Head of European Commission’s Representation in Slovakia


10:15 – 10:25 ⋙ Screening of the video: Joint statement on inclusive education from children and youth 

Moderator: Stanislav Daniel (Porticus)

Place: Conference Hall A

Video of children who participated on activities supported by the Together for Children grant programme.


10:25 – 11:00 break and Media Corner (space for questions from media)


11:00 – 12:00 ⋙ Plenary Session 1: Inclusive Education – A joint commitment: status of policy reforms for education quality and inclusion in Slovakia

Presentations, panel discussion followed by Q&A.

Moderator: Veronika Miškech Fričová (Carpathian Foundation, Slovakia)

Place: Conference Hall A

Ivan Pavlov, Director General, National Institute for Education and Youth (NIVAM), Slovakia and Svetlana Síthová, Director of department of support for formal education (NIVAM)

Kálmán Petőcz, Director General of Inclusive Education and National Minorities, Slovakia

Monika Fričová, Platform of Families of children with disabilities, Slovakia

Jana Bavoľárová, Headmaster Primary School, Budimír, Slovakia


12:10 – 13:30 lunch break


13:30 – 15:00 ⋙ Plenary Session 2: Inclusive Education – Quality Education for All / Inspiration from abroad

Presentations, panel discussion followed by Q&A.

Moderators: Tanja Rankovic (UNICEF Slovakia RRO)

Place: Conference Hall A

  • Key Considerations for Inclusive Education Reforms – UNICEF perspective, Maida Pasic, Regional Education Advisor, UNICEF Europe and Central Asia, Switzerland
  • Supporting the Right for Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities – EU perspective, Mary Kyriazopolou, European Agency for Inclusive Education and Special Needs, Greece
  • Portuguese Road to Inclusion, Filomena Pereira, Director of the Department of Special Needs Education, Directorate-General of Education of the Ministry of Education, Portugal


15:00 – 15:30 break


15:30 – 16:45Plenary Session 3: Quality Education for All Learners through the lenses of current reforms

Presentations, panel discussion followed by Q&A.

Moderator: Nora Shabani (UNICEF ECARO) and Jana Huttová (UNICEF Slovakia RRO)

Place: Conference Hall A

  • Curriculum for All & Teacher Competencies for Inclusive Education, Judith Hollenweger Haskell, University of Zürich, Switzerland
  • Inclusive Education in Slovakia, Peter Krajňák, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Prešov (TBC) and Maria Bezáková, Headmaster, Primary School Škultétyho, Topoľčany, Slovakia


16:45 – 17:00 ⋙ break


17:00 – 18:30 Master Classes – 3 small group workshops on the following topics: 

MC1: Early Childhood Intervention,

Place: Conference Room B

  • Paula Santos, Department of Education and Psychology at the University of Aveiro, Portugal
  • Simona Šimková, Director, CVI Košice, Slovakia

Facilitator: Barbora Vanek (UNICEF Slovakia) and Andrea Naletto (UNICEF ECARO)

MC2: The Changing Role of Schools for Education of Children with Disabilities Supporting the Right for Inclusive Education for all Learners,

Place: Conference Hall A

  • Mary Kyriazopoulou, European Agency for Inclusive Education and Special Needs, Greece
  • Filomena Pereira, Director of the Department of Special Needs Education, Directorate-General of Education of the Ministry of Education, Portugal 
  • Marina Starčević Cviko, Education Officer, UNICEF Serbia & Nataša Jović, Inclusive Education Consultant, UNICEF Serbia (online participation)

Facilitator: Nora Shabani (UNICEF ECARO) and Tanja Rankovic (UNICEF Slovakia RRO)

(Sign up for a specific Master Class in the registration form.) 


from 19:30 ⋙ Dinner and evening program with the social theater Hopi Hope

záverečná konferencia o inkluzívnom vzdelávaní

December 5, 2023

09:00 – 10:30 ⋙ Plenary Session 4: Early Childhood Education for Every Child

Presentations, panel discussion followed by Q&A.

Moderator: Štefan Porubský (University of M. Bel, Slovakia)

Place: Conference Hall A

  • ECE for every child, Ivelina Borisova, Regional ECD Advisor, UNICEF ECARO 
  • ECEC policy and implementation at the municipal level, Bjorn Martens, Project Manager, City of Ghent, Belgium and Hester Hulpia, Centre for Innovation in the Early Years, Ghent, Belgium 
  • Roma early inclusion, Katarína Vančíková, Faculty of Education, Matej Bel University 
  • Professional Development on Inclusive ECE, Eva Pupíková, Professional Development Teacher (Preschool Pedagogy), NIVAM, Slovakia


10:30 – 11:00 break


11:00 – 12:30 Parallel Working Groups. Presentation and discussion.

WG1: Roma Desegregation in Education

Facilitators: Miroslava Hapalová, Programme Specialist, UNICEF Slovakia RRO

Place: Conference Room B 

  • Desegregation in Education in Bulgaria, Maria Yankova, Education Specialist, UNICEF Bulgaria and MoES Bulgaria 
  • Desegregation in Education – Achievements and challenges, Ján Hero, Inclusive Education and National Minorities, Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic

WG2: Supporting new-coming students in schools – support measures, second language acquisition, multicultural education

Facilitator: Jana Huttová, Education Consultant, UNICEF Slovakia RRO 

Place: Conference Hall A

  • Judith Hollenweger Haskell, Zurich University of Teacher Education (PHZH), Switzerland 
  • Martina Běťáková, Deputy State Secretary of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports 
  • Matej Sapák, Coordinator for Refugee Response, Ministry of Education, Slovakia

(Sign up for a specific working group in the registration form.) 


12:30 – 13:30 lunch break


13:30 – 14:00 ⋙ Report from each Working Group and discussion

Moderator: Stanislav Daniel (Porticus)

Place: Conference Hall A


14:00 – 15:30 ⋙ Examples of Good practices – Together for Children grantees

Facilitator: Nora Čéplőová (Karpatská nadácia)

Place: Conference Hall A


EFFETA, Nitra, (Spájame sa pre deti so zdravotným znevýhodnením),

CINEFIL, Košice, (Úsmev a Radosť pre Ukrajinu),

CVI Košice, n. o.Košice, (Prvé (K)ROKY),

Materská škola Dr. Clementisa 59, Skalica, (Spolu bez bariér),

Mesto Snina, (Naše sertsya jekhetane),

Inklucentrum, Bratislava (Trauma rešpektujúci prístup a inkluzívne vzdelávanie) 


15:30 – 16:00 break


16:00 – 16:25 A Conversation on Inclusive Education – Why it matters to and benefits Every Child 

Moderator: Michaela Bauer (UNICEF Slovakia RRO) 

Speaker: Gautam Rana, Ambassador of the United States of America to Slovakia 

Miesto: Conference Hall A


16:25 – 16:45 Future steps for inclusion in Slovakia

Moderator: Kálmán Petőcz (Director General of Inclusive Education and National Minorities, Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic)

Place: Conference Hall A


16:45 – 17:00 ⋙ Conference conclusions and closing

Veronika Miškech Fričová (Carpathian Foundation) and Tanja Rankovic (UNICEF Slovakia RRO)

Place: Conference Hall A

Program subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.